Schedule of Services

Serenity, Song & Simcha. The Shabbat & Holiday service style at Temple Shalom reflects a fusion of Tradition, Creativity, Ruach (spirit) & Learning all within an informal, engaging and easy-going atmosphere. As an egalitarian congregation, everyone is welcome to participate in all aspects of our services.

Shabbat Services

Erev Shabbat / Friday Night

Each month, several different types of Erev Shabbat service experiences are offered, each with their own feel and flavor. Some are held at 6:30, others at 7:45; some at the Temple with others at locations in the wider community; some services are more family friendly while others are more for adults; some include dinner, others a festive Oneg. Descriptions of each follow. Be sure to check the calendar for details.

6:30 PM Friday Night Service Experiences

  • Host Shabbat followed by Pot luck Dairy Dinner – Throughout the year, different Temple families host services in their homes. Those who attend bring either salad, main course or side dish. All the necessary Shabbat fixings of wine, grape juice, challah and prayer books are provided by the Temple. Anywhere from 15 to 30 people have been known to attend! To effectively coordinate the Pot Luck, an RSVP to the office is appreciated. Let us know if you would be interested in hosting!
  • Fuller Village Service – Once a month, services are held at Fuller Village; either in the Social Hall of the Brush Hill or the Blue Hill campus’. Since many of our seniors live at Fuller Village, bringing the service to them is always appreciated. A festive Oneg always follows!
  • Congregational Dinner or Pasta Shabbat“If you feed them, they will come.” Several times during the year, the whole congregation comes together to enjoy a Shabbat dinner following services. Some are dinners are meat others, dairy. Vegetarian options are available upon request. The cost of the meal is kept at a minimum and an RSVP is required.
  • Curry College Hillel Shabbat – A few times each year, Temple Shalom joins together with the Jewish students and faculty at Curry College for joint Friday night services and Shabbat dinner. Services are held in the Curry College Chapel located in their new Student Center building. RSVP is required to attend the dinner.

7:45 Service Experiences

  • Guest Speaker Shabbat – Approximately once a month, speakers are invited in to share their knowledge and experience during a sit-down festive Oneg that follows services. Past speakers have included: Judge Sumner Kaplan, Reverend Sam Rodman and Kathy Murphy, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Stone Hill College. Topics have included: “ What Israel Means to Me” and “A Book that Influenced My Life”.
  • Talmud Study Shabbat – Once a month, Rabbi Benjamin leads an interactive Talmud Study during a sit-down festive Oneg. No Hebrew or past experience in Talmud is necessary. Each session covers one idea or concept. Recent discussion topics have included: Challenging Authority, Respecting the Peace & Quiet of One’s Neighbors and Who is Responsible to Clean Up Toxic Waste.

Shabbat Morning – 9:30AM

Throughout each month different types of service styles are highlighted. This openness to a variety of spiritual experiences is something about which we at Temple Shalom are very committed. All services include either a sit-down breakfast or Kiddush lite-lunch.

  • Traditional Shabbat Service – Spirited Singing, Torah Discussion & Dialogue, Participation and Sharing Memories are all hallmarks of this service. So too is the chanting of the Triennial Torah cycle, Haftarah, full Shacharit and Musaf.
  • Torah Study Shabbat – After completing the Shabbat Shacharit / morning service at approximately 10:30, the congregation is invited to a sit-down breakfast and Torah study discussion led by the Rabbi. At approximately 11:20 services resume with the Torah reading, Haftarah and a Zecher L’Musaf, an abbreviated remembrance of the additional Shabbat Service held during Temple times.
  • Meditation / Nigun* Shabbat – In cooperation with Nishmat Chayim, this service focuses on the spiritual blessings engendered by meditation and communal chanting. The rest of the Shabbat service is adjusted in order to take full advantage of this experience.
  • Family / School-led Shabbat – Several times during the year, Shabbat morning services are led by students in our Religious School so they can “show what they know” in front of the whole congregation. Adjustments to the service are made to the service to ensure that it is age appropriate.